Wednesday, 17 May 2017

The Summer Perfume - Daisy By Marc Jacobs

Since the weather here in London is getting a bit warmer, I thought it is the best time to switch to a more of a floral and yet a bit of zingy scent. Yes, it is Marc Jacobs Daisy. My all time favourite. What I like the most about this perfume is that it lasts all day but it is not overpowering (thank God). It is suitable for during the day and also wearable at work and uni.

Another thing I like about this perfume is that it looks really gorgeous at any vanity desk and gives a very girly and spring/summer vibe, which is what I need (now that it is cold and raining in spring). I wouldn't say this is the cheapest perfume but I think the money is worth it for what you get. I mean it smells amazing!

I am not so good at describing the scent but I can say that it is a bit floral, you can also smell a bit of violet and some spring goodness. I have looked at the Boots website to see what it precisely smells like:
Top Notes: strawberry, Violet leaves.
Heart Notes: Violet petals, Jasmine Bouquet.
Base Notes: Musk, Vanilla infusion.

If you buy a gift set then you could also get a body lotion and a wash gel with it. Again they too smell divine. The trio is good for the days were you want to have a hint of floral-ish scent all day  long.

Until next time :)

(All the pictures in this blogpost are taken by me)

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