Wednesday, 22 November 2017

How to get long healthy hair


My hair is very long and it takes me very long time to what seems like ages to care and wash my hair (my hair is about hip length). So I thought I'd share my quick hair care routine for those who struggle or perhaps are busy bees and don't have time.

Pre - wash:
Before washing my hair I massage some 100% pure coconut oil in my scalp and on the strands of my hair. I spend about 10 minutes doing this. Giving your scalp a massage helps regulate blood flow and resulting in hair growth but don't forget to apply on the bottom strands of your hair too as the ends tend to be the driest. If you don't have coconut oil at home you can use castor, argan or almond oil. I then simply put my hair in a high bun then sleep and wash it the following morning. ALSO don't forget to cover your pillow because you don't want it to get oily or smelly.

Washing my hair:
I wash my hair with shampoos that are parabens/sulphate free such as the Garnier ultimate blends shampoo. My favourite of this range is the argan and camellia oils shampoo because it leaves my hair soft and shiny. I don't use any conditioner because the coconut oil which I would have applied the night before works as a conditioner. I usually let my hair air dry and if I am in a rush then I spray some Tresemmé heat protectant on to my hair and brush my hair out before blow drying it.

After care:
So I wash my hair after every 3 days because washing your hair a lot often can lead to dry hair. I put argan oil to the ends of my hair everyday because as I said my hair is long and the ends of my hair are dry like a desert.
In order to have healthy hair make sure you drink enough water, eat your vegetables and dry fruits and nuts which contain the necessary vitamins your hair needs.

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